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PLSclear for Publishers

PLSclear is a permissions platform designed to save publishers time and reduce the often admin-heavy processes associated with permissions clearance.

Publishers across all sizes and sectors are eligible to sign up to PLSclear, making it even easier for you to receive, review and license requests.

We have a straightforward signup procedure; we will send you an agreement, you will send us a list of your titles, and we will activate your account. Simple!

As PLSclear is cloud-based there is no need to download software. While the straightforward design of your dedicated permissions inbox, the Request Manager, means that you and your team can start handling permissions almost instantly.

Your Request Manager is where you can review and manage requests and talk directly to your customers. You also have the option to automate quotes and licensing, in accordance with terms set by you.

Within PLSclear you will also be able to access various reports on your permissions requests, allowing you to review trends and analyse revenue.

Meanwhile, the PLSclear team will handle all aspects of credit control and the processing of invoices, with any potential revenue distributed to you on a quarterly basis.

Whether you are using PLSclear to submit a permissions request, or to manage your rights, there are no set-up costs or annual subscriptions. We charge a small fee of 12% to cover our costs, but this is only taken from paid-for licences.

When you opt into PLSclear, it is not just giving you access to a permissions management tool, you are also:

  • Making your titles available to our global permissions market.
  • Encouraging the reuse of your published material on agreed terms that protects against unauthorised use.
  • Tapping into a permissions community that shares knowledge and best practices of effective rights management.
  • Given access to our dedicated and knowledgeable PLSclear team.

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