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About PLSclear

PLSclear is our award-winning permissions clearance service, designed to be used by the publishing industry, regardless of the publisher’s size or sector. It is a one-stop-shop for the reuse of content from books, journals, and magazines.

PLSclear for Publishers / managing permissions

For publishers wanting to grant permission to reuse their content, PLSclear can help:

  • Automate your permissions licensing if you wish, or you can opt to review requests before responding.
  • Manage your incoming requests in one place with the dedicated permissions inbox.
  • Handle all aspects of credit control. Once you have issued your quotation, PLSclear handles the rest of the process for you.
  • Access live reporting to keep an eye on your permissions revenue.


There are no annual subscription fees or set up costs to use the service. We instead charge a 12% handling fee on payable on paid-for licences only. There are no fees for requests granted a licence free of charge or for requests that do not end in a licence.

A three-month trial is available for publishers to trial the basic version of PLSclear.
To request a PLSclear agreement for review or to set up a call to discuss further, email the PLSclear team at

PLSclear for Requestors / for making requests

For those seeking content to re-use, PLSclear can help you:

  • Make permissions requests for thousands of titles in one place
  • Track progress of your requests in real time from your account
  • Pay for chargeable requests by credit card or invoice
  • Download and store you licence to use the content

Getting started is free and easy. Simply create an account in PLSclear and you can start searching for and obtaining permissions right away. Find out which publishers are participating and request permission now at

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